2024 Layout Is Here!

At current, all unsecured sites will remain open to give individuals the opportunity to secure for the 2024 camping season. However, I would like to note that 5 of these posted unsecured sites will be designated for drop ins for next year.

I kindly request that all secured seasonal campers (2024) drop by the Town Hall in Indian Bay from Monday-Thursday (8 AM-4 PM) to drop by and sign your waivers. 16 of 23 have yet to have waivers completed and signed by the October 15th deadline. Please make every effort to drop by and complete these forms ASAP. Thanks in advance.

Email : toib1971@gmail.com
Tel: (709) 220-8520
Messages left on the cell phone will be looked at during business hours ONLY. If you choose to leave a text/voice message after hours, it will not be returned until the next business day. This also applies to emails.

Once again, we would like to remind everyone not to be contacting park staff on their personal cell, email, Facebook, and Messenger accounts. Staff are only to be contacted during working business hours and not all hours of the night on personal devices.

Thank you,

Indian Bay Municipal Park